Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★

honestly a blast. didn't see the original but I know it had comparatively very little cyborg so I have no desire to. yeah the story was weird but the effects and "big moments" had a ton of personality and just really fun crap going on. i could not stand steppenwolfs armor when they originally posted a pic but it looked awesome in the movie and the entire amazon scene with him was off the wall cool. just was so nice to see any comic book outside of the avengers that I even cared about I guess

this movie is the result of a ton of people being violently insufferable and on some level that is really bad but on another it is absolutely hilarious to see a movie and get so mad about how bad it was that you force them to redo it. hate to sound like an annoying culture writer but it feels like "a moment" for the medium, probably for the worse

i may forget much of the plot of Zack Snyders Justice League within a year or two but I will certainly never forget staying up late watching it with my dad and going WOW THATS SO SICK and talking about how surprised we were and how cool the slow mo shots were. just brought me back to a purer time when I could just enjoy stuff and not compare it to everything or not instinctually lean towards being "over it." not a genre defining masterpiece but it certainly feels "epic" and the CGI is absolutely awesome even when it's terrible. this review probably makes no sense I'm really tired

last thing I'll say I hate how much pleasure I am getting out of seeing hifalutin top letterboxd reviewers hate this movie. not because I think Zack Snyder is awesome just because I think they are miserable people. its a guy turning his arm into a cannon can you shut up for a second

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