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official Will gold star winner

seeing this again Sunday so I'll write my spoiler review then but my god. the last few minutes of Hereditary had this weird sparkling euphoria/perverse magic for me that made me feel like i was experiencing was truly incredible art. that feeling is my new metric for an instant five star, which this movie gets (despite many flaws I'm sure people will understandably complain about,) because there were like three of those moments

other quick opinions

-ari aster is insanely good at making effective and striking use of gore

-not that scary! sopping with dread and disgusting imagery but never had me covering my eyes really. fine by me

-i am never this person but upwards of 50% of the people in my theater should not have been there. laughing at extremely unfunny and disturbing moments, loudly whining about not understanding

-also it's a lot funnier than I thought it would be. but not at the times when I was annoyed when people was laughing. im the movie genius and I know when it's supposed to be funny alright.

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