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This review may contain spoilers.

god DAMN this is so frustrating for me. this show is so confused

in my opinion, this could have been like two episodes shorter and have cut out almost all of the azumi/mantleray/greta shit. all of that felt like it came out of nowhere and just made me mad for the following reasons
-I was never given a reason to like mantleray. he was just pathetic and weird and not even that smart
-azumi looks cool but is the flattest, weirdest character of all time. she doesn't even have a personality other than "i work here and i do the big stuff but not all of it"
-azumi and mantleray's romance or whatever was the worst, worst part of this. there was absolutely zero reason for it to be there, i had no reason to care about it, and it actively made me dislike azumi's character. why why why why why why why why why why why

annie and owen's arc, on the other hand, i absolutely loved. jonah hill shreds in this. he is an incredible actor. emma stone is as good as you have grown to expect emma stone to be, which is generally pretty damn good. i loved their characters, i thought they had pretty good backstories, but it felt like they wasted resources/time developing other characters that i truly could not give less of a shit about instead of fully and completely exploring them.

i also loved the worldbuilding, which i think is an obvious love. it felt like there were a couple GLARING nods to Beyond the Black Rainbow but i'm prob projecting

not angry i watched it, but angry about how good it could've been and how much it fell flat