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This review may contain spoilers.

I am really embarrassed about how much I love this movie. saw it again on 35mm at the Music Box and the presenter before commented on how sad he is that this is often relegated to edgelord culture, which I absolutely agree with

some notes:

-really rewarded a second viewing, especially because I could get past all the shocking stuff and just poke around in the overall theme and mood it was trying to set. I felt like I was watching more as Solomon, and there are honestly a lot of parts that do feel weirdly celebratory and joyous. the profile of the albino woman by her car, many of the scenes with darby/helen/dot, etc. once you get past all the in-your-face stuff you can see the warped beauty and genuine celebration of a horrifically downtrodden group of people

-the scene of Solomon talking to the disabled woman felt incredibly tense and nerve-wracking the first time I watched it because I was waiting for something horrible to happen, but the second time I felt like it really just served to reveal Solomon's heart and his complete contrast to Tummler. almost cried

-all of the last few scenes are just insane. pretty much from the bathtub on is unbelievable filmmaking imo. bunny boy showing the audience the dead cat is one of my favorite fourth wall breaks ever and the boys shooting it in the rain is the most poetically dismal thing I have ever seen in a film

-still can't decide how I feel about the Jarrod home invasion scene, but I would love to read others' thoughts on it! however, one dude up front belly laughed and applauded when Tummler pulled the plug on his grandma. weird!

-there is a montage sequence right after the scene of dot and helen washing the cat that is genuinely one of the scariest things I have ever seen in a movie. seeing this in a theater really made me appreciate the sound editing but that wind sound effect will haunt me for the rest of my days

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