Climax ★★★★½

Might get bumped up to 5. Can't believe I didn't like it that much the first time. Very sick to watch this right after 2001 especially since (I did not know this until now) he made this as an antithesis to/reverse of 2001. humans descending back to their primordial form

i have to say I cannot fucking stand gaspar noe as a person. he is marilyn manson level shock and I hate the other movie of his that I've seen. but the craft here is really just unbelievable, it's so, so incredible. feel like I caught a lot of Kubrick references. the color and camera work are just so, so amazing. would love to hear a reading of the france/usa throughline in this but I'm not smart enough to figure it out on my own lol

just really, really something to behold. I think all of my favorite shots involve the contortionist somewhere in the background, just a guardian of hell looking incredibly sinister

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