Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★½

An iconic Sci-fi classic and an absolute masterclass in lighting, Blade Runner has never quite resonated with me in the past.

I’ve only seen Blade Runner: The Final Cut in the past, but this time I actually watched the US theatrical version of the film. The differences aren’t too major from what I remember, the main different feature being Harrison Ford’s narration during the beginning and end, but it isn’t too egregious. That, and the unicorn dream scene being totally omitted, completely changing the implications of the final scene. Otherwise, the film is mostly the same, so I enjoyed the revisit regardless of which version it was. 

In any case, there’s one scene in this movie that no one seems to talk about. The one scene that keeps me from enjoying Blade Runner to the extent that many other do. The scene where Deckard sexually assaults Rachael in his apartment. It’s weird and uncomfortable and out of place, but I never see anyone mention that scene and it bugs me. 

I decided to bump up my previous rating by half a star because of the greater appreciation I have for this film on a technical scale than when I last saw it. The lighting, sets, and atmosphere are all fantastic, plus Rutger Hauer’s terrific performance really tops things off.

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