The Forever Purge

The Forever Purge

I say this every time I see one of these movies, but it literally shouldn’t be that hard to make at least ONE of these films halfway decent…like the premise itself does half of the work because it has always been an intriguing idea that SHOULD allow for some really cool and creative scenarios. But every single time we get a dull and monotonous story such as this. At this point they should just go back to a simple home invasion story like the original because clearly this franchise will never make good use of a more complex story. It’s always so sloppy. 

I was gonna give this a 1.5, but the fact that it’s only been four hours since I saw it and I already forgot most of it changed my mind.

Yeah this film is really bad. It’s yet another Purge film that believes it is powerful commentary on social / political issues…when in reality it’s painfully shallow and too heavy handed to ever mean anything.

The Forever Purge also features some really bad jump scares. Truly terrible, unnecessary ones that aren’t justified. One of the jump scares is literally a horse walking of a stall…?? Okay…?

I would like a film where we actually get to see sadistic stuff that people would do if crime was legal not just this tame & lame stuff that Universal puts out to marketable. I know it won’t happen, but I dream of a Purge film that is extreme

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