Midsommar ★★★★★


It’s not a new film by any means. If you loved the theatrical cut you’ll still love it, if you hated it you’ll still hate it. It’s still the same film, but every so often a scene will linger and offer new insight previously left unknown. There’s no big revelations, but a few things are answered and you get more context going into a couple different scenes. I really don’t know why this wasn’t the original cut to begin with.  It doesn’t change much, but at the same time the film feels fuller.  The theatrical cut wasn’t necessarily missing anything, but the additional content was welcomed warmly.

I think it’s the night scene + Dani and Christian’s argument scene that is the best addition.  It made me love the world Aster built even more.

I’ve been on the fence about whether I like Hereditary or Midsommar more, and I’ve pretty much always decided I still preferred Hereditary. HOWEVER, I think this cut provided me with that extra little push to convince me to go to the other side. SO, as I see it:

Midsommar: Director’s Cut > Hereditary > Midsommar

This is my fifth time seeing this film, but it’s the first time I’ve watched it while not in a relationship and this time it just...hit differently.

I felt held by the theatrical cut...but this one feels like home.

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