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This review may contain spoilers.

Well-crafted, colorful, cartoonish. Great set design and costumes. Love the score. I liked the whole spinning light mechanic when the lights are off - it made an otherwise dull dark scene feel fresh and interesting. I really love Craig’s performance as this character. He plays it so well. 

Not as fun as the first viewing where the twists and turns are still a mystery, but it’s almost more enjoyable being able to appreciate the way it’s structured and to see how the misdirections are handled. It was easier to admire the craft.

Also, I’m sure it was intentional that Rian Johnson specifically made the culprit in this one someone known for not having a cellphone…after the first Knives Out popularized the idea that the “bad guys” in movies can’t use Apple products…also giving Craig’s character multiple Apple products, even awarding him one, to emphasize him being the purest of all characters.

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