Spirited Away

Spirited Away ★★★★

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Spirited Away is a beautifully animated film with wonderful world building, great characters and a wildly absurd premise. Surprisingly enough, this is my first Hayao Miyazaki film, and I was extremely satisfied. The detailed world and characters very well stood out for me, and despite a lot of wierdness and absurdity, I genuinely felt a lot of it was endearing, vibrant and colorful.

Spirited Away is widely considered to be one of the greatest films, and even has an exceptional Letterboxd average of 4.5 and a score of 8.6 on IMDb. Practically everyone who has seen this seems to consider it nothing short of a masterpiece, but I beg to differ.

I don't think there are any outright flaws or anything, but I guess it wasn't to my taste entirely. It was very entertaining, but I would not quite call it the greatest film or anything. That said, it's still pretty great and I am super excited to check out more of Miyazaki's works.

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