Memento ★★★★★

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#2 Memento (2000)

Memento is easily among Nolan's best films. Its exceptionally well crafted and features one of the best screenplays ever written. I genuinely adore the structure of the story with the colored sequences telling the story in reverse chronology and the black and white sequences presenting a forward chronology. All of this makes you feel like you actually have Leonard's condition, experiencing things without any context. This works so beautifully throughout and the very fact that Nolan was able to craft a cohesive and engaging narrative despite the disjointed nature of the sequences is something to marvel at. This is one of those rare movies that rewards you every time you rewatch it, and in all four times I have seen the film, it has only gotten better and increased my respect for the craftsmanship.

Guy Pearce gives one of the greatest performances of the 2000s and Carrie Ann Moss is terrific too. I genuinely love how emotionally investing the film is as well. Sure, it's about a guy out for revenge after the death of his wife, but that's not where the emotion takes root. It's the exploration of Leonard's condition and the entire climax (or opening) sequence bringing upon the revalation of how Leonard was manipulating himself, and creating an endless facade of purpose. Every single moment is crafted to perfection, and I genuinely do not have a single issue with Memento.

It's an absolute MASTERPIECE.

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