Halloween ★★★½

Very few horror films succeed in capturing the seasonal atmosphere of halloween quite like this one does. Most of the film is essentially building up to the final act, but still every single scene feels eerie and haunting - from the empty streets to the colour grading, it all helps in keeping the tone alive (even when nothing is happening). I’ve always liked that Halloween is less about the shock factor emotional scares and more about the psychological build up to something bigger. It focuses on the isolated, looming figure of a man just as much as it does the vicious killings. The sound editing in this is what stands out to me the most, just fantastic and makes every iconic frame even better.

Can’t even pin point what has always stopped me from rating Halloween higher, I think it may be the lack of emotionality I feel from it. It’s undeniably a technically sound film, but it’s sometimes illogical and lacks depth which leads to it feeling a little empty at times for me. It’s still a really good spooky film regardless.

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