Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★★

Terrific work from a terrific cast, working within the confines of a deeply uneven script. Writers McKay and Sirota veer from scathing satire to sadly superficial commentary sometimes within scenes. There's some brilliant stuff here and some pretty lame stuff. The satirizing of social media and TV news all falls kind of flat. We've heard this stuff before and I'm not buying that Kelly and Michael and GMA are the impediments to global warming.

When the movie gets some teeth in its second half, starts hitting politicians, corporations, and getting genuinely reflective about our impending doom it started to mean a lot more. The last thirty minutes are searingly powerful, and I was honestly pretty emotionally rocked by it. There's a lot of doomerism, but when the movie finds grace and beauty I kind of loved it.

So yeah, Adam McKay is just riffing on Doctor Strangelove, and I don't think this movie will change any minds. I'm not sure it provided much enlightenment, comfort or really any new thoughts on global warming. The events are kind of too literal to take as a wider metaphor, I was left thinking more about an actual singular apocalypse (like a nuclear war or actual asteroid) than our slow death to Climate Change.

So what's the point? Maybe Adam McKay just made this because he's pissed. Maybe doesn't know what the fuck else do about Global Warming besides make a movie about it, because he's a filmmaker, and well that's what he does. I think that's fair enough. About fifteen minutes of this is a doomer rom-com starring Chalamet and Lawrence and that's so absolutely my jam that's its enough for a mild thumbs up for me.

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