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  • Enter the Dragon

    Enter the Dragon


    An iconic milestone in both American and international cinema, Enter the Dragon is a transformative movie in the annals of action flicks. It's impossible not to watch this and think of the ripple effects it had through pop culture upon its release. In terms of effects on cinema, this is the Star Wars of Martial Arts films. To think that it premiered only after Bruce Lee's death, is a searing tragedy.

    Lee is iconic here, displaying his fighting skills in…

  • The Lady Vanishes

    The Lady Vanishes


    Of all the Hitchcock films I've seen, The Lady Vanishes is perhaps the most conventional. Filmed and edited in a largely straightforward manner, Hitchcock's eye is at his most restrained and studio-bound. There's effective, creative suspense, but nothing that ever reaches the level of pure nail-biter. Hitchcock isn't quite hitting his stride here, but is clearly developing the skills which would take him to the top of the industry in only a few short years.

    On the surface level, the…

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  • Verotika


    Every single screen and every single shot sucks beyond all belief. This is The Room, bad, Manos: Hands of Fate bad, Birdemic bad. I feel like I've lost brain cells watching this. I'm a dumber human being for having witnessed Verotika. I've never been so bored by excessive nudity in my whole life.

    Glenn Danzig's use of cinematic sex and violence makes Rob Zombie look like Park Chan-Wook.

    This is no doubt one of the worst movies of all time. My friend described it as "an off broadway production of a student film". I think that's unfair to both off broadway productions and student films.

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Hitchcock used to talk about suspense using the example of a bomb under a table. If the bomb goes off, that's action, if the audience knows there is a bomb, and is waiting for it go off, that's suspense.

    In Leigh Whannel's new film, the heroine knows about the bomb, and she's trying to warn everyone. The problem is, the bomb is invisible and nobody believes her. This is a bluntly feminist statement here. The tagline for this movie could…