Blade Runner ★★★★

And all those moments will be forgotten like tears in the rain

Truly an experience of a lifetime which is up there with a lot of 80s sci-fi films. While the movie doesn't have a lot of truly intense scenes which I was kinda hoping it would have, it more then makes up for it with stunning visuals and amazing plot designs of all time. Harrison Ford gives a performance that rivals nearly all of his roles that are massively successful like Indinia Jones and Han Solo but of course not many rember film which is kinda shocking. My dad being a big Harrison Ford fan never knew this movie existed but I think this is a cult classic because it was kinda looked down on the media during that time maybe.

Ridley Scott is of course at his all time greatest after coming off of the set of Alien, I think this is a great Sci-fi drama/thriller but doesn't have all the actual portions of suspense and just slowly weaves through the runtime. This is nonetheless stunning and amazing for a movie that didn't do has much has it wanted.

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