Mank ★★★★½

Having Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins and Tuppence Middleton was too overwhelming for me there’s too many hot people in this damn movie.

Honestly this is what Hail Caesar! wanted to be and could never have possibly dreamed of achieving. What Fincher has accomplished is nothing short of mesmerizing. His complete mastery of the techniques of filmmaking are presented on a beautifully made near-masterpiece. 

The dialogue is top notch felling distinctly in the vein of Citizen Kane and even altering the sound mix to make it even sound like the original film. Now with that there are definitely complications, it’s hard to tell if these are really the voices of the actors or if they got separate voice actors to do the ADR. Also there was some issue with understanding Mank in his drunken stupors that are very integral to the story but I couldn’t understand him as he was slurring his words. Gonna have to rewatch with subtitles when it arrives on Netflix in December.

But the story itself is just a stroke of genius, making great use of juxtaposing story telling with how Mank is writing the film and using moments from his time in Hollywood to show his inception of key plots and themes of Citizen Kane. It just makes what’s already so amazing and perfect about the original film and deconstructs it to its real emotional core. 

Not to mention that this should’ve come out before the election cause Mank has some surprising political statements and plot lines that really work and resonate with not only the script (handled so well by David Fincher’s father Jack Fincher) but the audience and what we love about the original film.

Idk it may be just for the hardcore movie nerds but I looooooved this and hats off to Fincher (it ain’t the Social Network tho)

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