Skyfall ★★★★½

Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die.” - Jackson Maine (deceased)

Skyfall is a weird one for the Bond series. Craig’s first two entries were a reboot, giving us a newly minted 007 on, essentially, one long adventure. We see him become Bond, then immediately jump to a movie about how the world doesn’t need Bond anymore. But you couldn’t make a movie about an icon in the 2010s without it being about how that icon is obsolete, and so we have Skyfall.

But I like it! Sure, a lot of the more Dark Knight-inspired flourishes haven’t aged wonderfully, but what’s wrong with a Bond movie being of its time? That’s part of the fun. Diamonds are Forever gets an extra half a star for its wide ties alone. 

Not my favorite Craig entry (that would be his first), but there’s still a lot of stuff to love. Also, James Bond canon bisexual? Let’s confirm it sooner rather than later, Barbara Broccoli!

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