Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

Initial thoughts/questions: was that Tilda Swinton playing the old woman? She was perfect. (It wasn't Tilda but still.) Why didn't they do some marketing with donuts? Ahaha. And finally - can we now have an entire Benoit Blanc franchise? Daniel Craig was so amazingly kooky as Blanc, I need more. MORE.

Lovvvveeeee the way this film flips the entire "whodunit" concept on its head, in structure and in storytelling (as the audience it puts us in a whole different place, asks us to still follow along to find out what's really going on anyway). This flip threw me for a loop at first but I thought, there's gotta be more to this than just figuring it out, and there certainly is much more to it. I laughed a LOT, smiled non-stop.

Also looovvveeee the political commentary worked in so intelligently into the script, in just the right way. Without being too obvious, but without being too subtle either, it's cathartic at times when these characters just let out, yelling brutal truths at each other. And when Daniel Craig laughs at them (at the end). I also loved the shot of the dog going "huh?" in one of the final big scenes. Hilarious.

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