Sleepwalkers ★★★

The last time I watched this, I was shitfaced and my girlfriend had gone to bed and one of her friends insisted on watching it, so I put it on and she immediately started trying to make out with me. It didn't happen, but we didn't finish watching the movie. I don't remember what happened, but I don't think she ever talked to me again.

Tonight I felt like watching some second-rate Stephen King adaptation (you know that feeling?), so of course I went with one that Mick Garris directed. Having not watched it in its entirety since my early teens, I found I did not remember much about this movie.

The early scene in the Aero theater in Santa Monica amused me greatly, having been there so many times at this point in my life. It hasn't changed much since 1992, which is great. TOTALLY did not remember that was Mädchen Amick. Definitely did not know who Ron Perlman was at the time. I forgot about a lot of entertaining shit. In fact one of the only things I remembered was a guy and a gal going on a picnic in a cemetery and the guy saying, "Your mom will want to know that some rubbing went on here," or something to that effect, in reference to making grave rubbings. The clunky innuendo made 13-year-old me chuckle, and it stuck.

Honestly, I expected this to be junkier than it was. I actually had a lot of fun with it. The special effects are neat -- the practical as well as the early digital. The concept is creepy and weird. That recurring Enya music set a nice tone, and was satisfyingly eerie. It was exactly what I needed to fulfill my lower echelon King urge.