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I cannot pick four favourite films because there are just TOO MANY.

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  • You Hurt My Feelings


  • The Artifice Girl


  • Look Away


  • The Heartbreak Kid


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  • Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

    Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.


    Every girl and woman will be able to relate to the strangely wonderful pre-pubescent & pubescent goings-on in this film, but also anyone who grew up in the 1970s, anyone who comes from a "split" family (in one way or another: in this case, faith), or anyone who has read Judy Blume's classic novel.

    Which I did, and at the "correct" age, too. :) I poured over that book, folded corners, re-read paragraphs - because it was entirely relatable.

    And I…

  • Showing Up

    Showing Up


    Art is about accepting imperfection
    Art is about fixing what's broken
    Art is about collaboration
    Art is about showing up
    Art is about letting go

    This film is beautiful, touching, sad, and funny art

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  • Pride & Prejudice

    Pride & Prejudice


    about half way through this austen adaptation, elizabeth and darcy meet under these huge roman columns, amidst the pouring rain, with the verdant rolling english countryside surrounding them, when darcy utterly blindsides elizabeth by - of all things - proposing! then they proceed to argue vociferously. elizabeth informs him that he's basically the last man on earth she would ever want to marry. and yet, before darcy storms off, they share such an erotically charged moment that it puts many…

  • Thelma & Louise

    Thelma & Louise


    "something's crossed over in me, and i can't go back; i couldn't live."

    i love that line.
    i get it.