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  • The Queen's Gambit

    The Queen's Gambit


    I wasn't too sure but some of my friends and my brother have been watching this and so I thought OK then I'll give it a shot. Then yep So glad i've watched this, it's very refreshing, it has a great storyline, I like the editing, the scoring, and the idea of the set design it feels really like in 50s or 60s era, i love it.

    Seeing Anya Taylor Joy performance here as a young orphan girl who great…

  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

    El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie


    Just finished breaking bad last night, and goddamn what a show!!, every episode is getting crazier especially in the last 8 episodes in season 5, glad i've watched it

    Anyway you guys should finished every breaking bad episode before you watching this, cause it's like the longer ending for the last episode of breaking bad, and there's some flashback scene, idk i think it's set in season 2.

    The plot is also very simple, just about Jesse Pinkman who is…

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  • Cruella



    Okay i actually like it, i love the set design, the soundtrack that fits to the moment, the editing style, and yep of course the beautiful costume design.

    Emma Stone is stunning and so charming on this one, i love her british accent too, not bad. There's a lot some you know cringey jokes but whatever, the CGI is also feels lacking to me, but it still well made too. So yeah not bad.

  • Army of the Dead

    Army of the Dead


    It's a fun movie, but the plot is kinda feel lacking to me, it is just a simple story line, with some smart and unique zombies, weird choose of the soundtrack anyway bruh.

    Dave bautista acting here is whatever lol, but at least Deiter is my favorite character, and as always very stylish and the hallmark movie of Zack Snyder, But screw it!!

    Shaun Of The Dead >>>> Dawn Of The Dead and this shit Lmao