Mommy ★★★★★

"I wanted to tell you...I just wanted to...thank you for your patience. I know I'm rough. Like Grandma used to say when I was younger, that I was rough. Now I get it, why she said that. So... I'm sorry. And...And when...When I think about the times when...When I think about how much maybe I hurt you...After, when I get my shit together...I'm so fucking sad deserve so much better than a fucking retard like me! So...What matters is... I'm thinking about you here, and I love you."

The most effective use of Lana's "Born To Die".....ever?
As someone who's had to live his entire life with both ADD & ADHD, Dolan's work of sheer emotion hit way too close to home way too many times. Antoine-Olivier Pilon delivers a career-defining performance. Let's hope he hasn't peaked with Mommy, because I cannot wait to see what both he and Xavier Dolan have in store for us in the future. 


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