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This review may contain spoilers.

Watched with James Gunn's audio commentary.

This is exactly what I was talking about when I said that audio commentaries expand and improve on the love I already had for a film. After Endgame earlier this year I decided to do an MCU marathon and I left that amazing 2 weeks with a new favourite both in the MCU and in general with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Everything about it I adored but it was the characters that left such an impact on me and Gunn so largely responsible for that makes this such a great watch. Super informative of the process of the story from script to screen, the structure of scenes both standard and integral - the best of course when discussing the more intimate scenes and of course the themes that are so ingrained in those characters.

He does a great job in both commentaries of going in depth on specifics of each film and given the importance of relationships in Vol. 2 the way he goes over those themes is so fascinating to listen to. Lots of fatherhood and family subtext and one that I always understood from the film but only through Yondu was sacrifice. He talks about Baby Groot and his involvement during the movie, of course the infamous credit sequence which he touches on, but it was only until we reach the final act that I realized how he and Peter mirror in a way. They don't really interact in this until that scene where they share earbuds and listen to 'Father and Son' by Cat Stevens after Yondu's died and it's there that we see parallels and overall importance of fatherhood that has shaped Quill so drastically in such a short time and impacting Baby Groot who Gunn mentions he hasn't been that good a father too. Baby Groot is the result of a sacrifice in the first Guardians movie and together here they share a beautiful moment where they are sitting in so much emotion and love and acceptance and understanding of what they've been through together. A simple moment but a vital one and it's one of many threads that link these characters and establish the family that they are.

[Gunn talks about the themes of both films and how he dedicated them to his parents] "And this was a story about a father and his ultimate love for his son and that father is Yondu and that son is Peter Quill". "The first movie is really about a mother and her love for her son and it ends with a tape that she gives him and speaks to him from beyond".

[During the final moment with Peter and Ego] "And we see what it's about for Peter Quill and he says to him: 'what's so wrong with just being a normal person', and this is a sacrifice for Peter Quill as well. He's sacrificing this power that he has and he's giving it up and he's giving up immortality for the sake of those that he loves, and so there's a big sacrificial theme here both in this movie and the last movie. Groot sacrificed himself for his friends, Peter Quill sacrifices immortality for his friends, Yondu sacrifices his life for his son and its all about the deepest kind of love that can possibly exist. People call this a comedy but to me, it is very funny and I know it's funny but it really is mostly about that".

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