Where the Crawdads Sing

Where the Crawdads Sing ★★★

I had to give this a rewatch when my GF wanted to see so her and her sister went a rented it from Redbox so I said why not I’ll watch it again see if I was still as high on it. I’m saddened to say I have dropped my rating and overall score on this upon rewatch. 

I still really enjoy the fact this movie takes place in a court room that uses a lot of flashbacks to tell the story. The big problem with the flashbacks continues to be her age as her teenage years she seems way older than what she really is while playing your typical overly in love teenager. As we finally see her grow up her age does indeed become more accurate and her way of acting finally catches up to her. Daisy Edgar Jones was fabulous in this movie as her performance is really what carries the film to be enjoyable. 

The cinematography continues to amaze as they really were able to capture the underrated beauty of the marshlands. My big problem continues to be the same as last time and this movie just feels so dull and overly long for no reason. Most of the love and relationships shown in the film is very cliche and it just feels like she would have loved anyone who came to visit her in the marsh. 

Overall Where the Crawdads Sing is a solid film that has some good enjoyable value out of it thanks to Daisy Edgar Jones but just lacks what it takes to be a true movie theater experience film. This is must watch if you have read the book or just want to see Daisy Edgar Jones carry a movie with her acting. 

Overall Score: 67/100

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