M3GAN ★★★½

I’m still upset I wasn’t able to go see this at the advance screening but oh well. I was able to go with my GF after taking her out for her birthday dinner. 

Seeing this movie with a packed audience is definitely the way to see this because of the way the movie is made. It features a horrifying AI robot that will scare you but also has a lot of good laughs throughout. Why this movie works so well is because of how self aware the film. It doesn’t take itself seriously at all rather more it makes fun of the way the world is now. As someone who collects FunkoPops I found it hilarious the name of the company was Funki. 

Though this film does have a familiar plot the writers James Wan and Akela Cooper are able use this to their advantage. The family dyanamic and paired with a killer doll and evil A.I. combined for to make a horror film that feels unique. The due of Allison Williams and Violet McGraw works well in this film because of the lack of chemistry they have at first. McGraws performance is truly great and it makes her joy to watch while also being incredibly annoying. The true standouts though are the two girls who play M3GAN. Jenna Davis provides the voice that is truly creepy will give you chills when you hear. The other is Amie Donald who is in the costume and captures the movement of a robot to perfection. 

Overall M3GAN is a fun and delightful horror movie that will have fans of the horror wanting more. While some won’t be able to how self aware this film is the ones who do will find it enjoyable. This movie will be a box office boom with its PG-13 rating but I feel like it would have been even more terrifying if it was R rated. 

I would recommend this to anyone who loves the Blumhouse still of horror or if you want to see how to make a self aware horror movie. 

Overall Score: 71/100

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