Avatar ½

HEY EVERYBODY, are you all aware that James Cameron's Avatar has had NO CULTURAL IMPACT since it came out? This is the 30th time I regurgitated this piece of information to you, but I am reminding you again, that literally NOBODY remembers this movie. I mean really, the highest grossing movie ever made and there aren't even any funny quotes to recite to my online friends. I am soo angry, I can't believe that THIS movie is taking the #1 spot from such artistic triumphs as Disney's Black Panther.

Not one single positive, just a smurf remake of Pocahontas and Dances with Wolves (that one movie I always shit on for beating Goodfellas, except when I get to shit on Avatar). I refuse to watch any of the sequels, as I am 100% sure they are the exact same, despite them having different plots, characters, effects, settings, etc., I am a cultured filmmgoer and will not submit to soulless corporate escapism. WAKANDA FOREVER.

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