Dune ★★★★

Denis Villeneuve's Dune is everything I expected it to be. Visually stunning, epic in its sheer ambition, and not without its problems. The problems with this film are minimal for me and mostly have to do with the fact that the book is so lore-heavy.

Otherwise, this feels like the best possible adaptation of the book. And in comparison to the 1984 version, MILES BETTER. Many bad decisions in that version are changed for the better, like the Baron going from a cartoonishly evil floating fat man to a genuinely powerful on-screen presence.

It may not be perfect, and it is understandable when people say they didn't get anything out of it, but in my opinion, Villeneuve really knocked it out of the park. His direction, the performances, Hans Zimmer's score, and the way the world is brought to life is so well done. See it in a theater, because you won't be able to get the same goosebumps-inducing feelings of awe at home.


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