Mank ★★

I’ll start by saying yes I’ve seen Citizen Kane, and I think it’s one of the most overhyped movies ever. It was a huge deal back in the 40s when it changed the direction of the movie industry, but I still don’t care for that movie at all and find it extremely boring. That’s my opinion :)

So... going into this movie I had a feeling I wouldn’t enjoy it, and I was right about that. I have to give credit to the movie for transporting viewers back to the classic age of Hollywood, whether it’s the black and white visuals or the sound design which has that faint echo of the old days. There’s just a lot of cool nods to classics shot on film. Gary Oldman is great as Mank as expected, and he will probably a frontrunner for best actor when the Oscars come around. But overall, the dull moments far outweighed any positives—this movie was a complete drag. 

Aside from the fact that it felt like a 4 hours, I simply wasn’t interested in the subject material. I feel like if you don’t like Citizen Kane, it will be extremely hard to find any enjoyment with this movie. Sadly, I couldn’t even tell it was a Fincher movie which was a huge bummer. If I turned this on and had no clue Fincher’s name was attached, there would be no way to figure it out in my opinion.  I was dozing off frequently, the time jumps got irritating, and to be quite honest the whole movie came off as wildly pretentious. Pinky up when you hit play on Netflix or you don’t deserve to watch this movie!! The sad part is there will be tons of people who bash those who don’t like this movie and claim they’re not smart/not real movie fans, and that’s been my experience with Citizen Kane talk in general. It all gets under my skin, just like this movie. If you have trouble falling asleep at night I recommend Mank to help with that. I still love David Fincher though.

And if you love this movie that’s awesome! I don’t get why we all can’t just have civil discussions on movies we disagree on sometimes. Anyway, time to go rewatch The Social Network for the hundredth time. Hope you all have a great weekend. Here’s my full video review on YouTube:

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