I don't really frequent this site anymore & my lists haven't been updated in a while.

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  • Burning



    Should’ve been gayer.

  • Sorry to Bother You

    Sorry to Bother You


    I watched this as part of the San Francisco International Film Festival with a Q&A following. I will respect Boots Riley's wishes that as little of this film be revealed to the public before its wider opening in July, but I will say that it's absolutely bonkers. It suffers from a lack of focus that come with many filmmakers' debut films, but it has so many wild and eccentric ideas that are confidently thrown at the screen, it's just too…

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  • Catwoman


    Since this film goes quite beyond an actual conventional review, here is a list of questions I asked myself while watching Catwoman:

    1. Why the CGI crane shots?
    2. Why does Halle Berry dress so funny?
    3. Is there a single shot in this film that lasts longer than four seconds?
    4. What compels her to risk her life to save a damn cat?
    5. How does that dude run up eight flights of stairs in 12 seconds?
    6. Why…

  • 13th



    White people (or NBPOC, for that matter) who rate/review this film unfavorably because it "doesn't say anything we don't already know" need to understand that they as dissenters are not exceptional in their role in this entire fabric. Anti-racism might seem like common sense, but we just ushered into office a man who will undoubtedly continue this reign of white supremacy that has existed in this country for centuries. By not actively speaking out against these powers at play or…