Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel ★★★½

This was fun. You can’t deny that. I’ve been having such a crap past two weeks, and I didn’t even care if this was good or bad. I just wanted a distraction. I loved the relationship between Carol and Fury, they had great chemistry and banter together. Some of the action scenes were oddly filmed and edited. And the story in general was generic, but I kind of expect that from a hero origin story, and I cannot wait to see what they have Carol do in Endgame.

Brie’s acting was a bit mixed for me. Some parts I felt like it worked for Carol and the scenarios she’s put in, but I’m not sure if that’s Brie’s decision or if it’s the directors. 

Also, I hate the Mohawk helmet look. I think it looks ugly. Regardless if it’s from the comics, it’s not for me.

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