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  • Hail Mary
  • The Village
  • Raining in the Mountain
  • Catherine Called Birdy

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  • Dune: Part Two


  • Bye Bye Tiberias


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  • Dune: Part Two

    Dune: Part Two


    i get it and i want to love it, too, truly, but this is pure spectacle mired in too many ambiguous pools of political feint for me, personally, to really champion as a masterpiece of populism. most of my complaints about this one are carryovers from the first; i'll note that the first half maintains the pace of the whole first film, which i appreciate, and then dials literally everything up in the second half, which apparently is why so…

  • Bye Bye Tiberias

    Bye Bye Tiberias


    in which the world's most prominent Palestinian actor is asked to confront the decisions she made to further her artistic aspirations and contextualize this life with the history of her homeland and family, all at the hands of her own daughter who only knows half her mother-tongue.

    in between Abbass' readings of her own teenage poetry, conversations in French with her daughter, and visit home captured by Lina, there is dual archival footage of family interactions over several periods/generations as…

Popular reviews

  • Stars at Noon

    Stars at Noon


    someone still needs to man-up and point blank ask her what she meant by it being “inappropriate” had she shot this in Nicaragua..cowards!!!!

    that being said, even if she’s not a comrade to the Sandinistas: she seems aware of why that is and why it’s a problem, because she and her co-writers pretty deftly answer these questions in the text lol. US (& allied) prop creates narratives of leftist governments committing human rights abuses in latin america as a pretext…

  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick

    what r u freaks smoking lmfao. i hate america so much

    first of all: better than the original? you’re all correct that the original isn’t a good movie but if that’s the starting point i’m not sure how you arrive at a place believing this is better 😭

    i mean the mission is a NATO-sanctioned air strike on a barely-vague-enough Eastern European nation’s “uranium deposit site.” these fascists aren’t even trying anymore lol, they have us trained to lap it…