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    Funny Games


    in conclusion: white people are scary

  • Dune



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    okay, so i had to sit on this film for a while to be able to gather my thoughts and 12hrs later here it is.

    You know when you see a film even though you have not watch it you just know that its going to be a cult classic? yeah this is it. 

    i don’t think i have enough words to describe how i felt while watching this film. it was like a spiritual experience. Denis Villeneuve has made…

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  • The Warm Money

    The Warm Money


    everyone needs a friend who would translate every lyrics to a song we don’t understand

  • After Life

    After Life

    “At the time I searched desperately, inside myself, for any memory of happiness. Now, fifty years later, I learned I was part of someone else's happiness. What a wonderful discovery.”

    20 minutes into this film I already shed a tear. The question “What memory would you take with you? A memory you’d want to take after life.” Stuck with me for days. Until now as I am writing this.. I still would not know what memory I would take with…