Scream 4

Scream 4 ★★

So, I’ve never been a big horror guy.  It’s just not my genre.  Until last year in fact, I’d actually never seen a Scream film.  But there’s a new one out in theaters and I figured someone has to do this job, so, for the entertainment of my 5 or so regular readers, I figured I’d shotgun all of the existing Scream films this past week to get ready for for the franchise’s latest installment.  These are my quick, hot takes, delivered fast and loose after my little binge-viewing project (which, upon reflection, was actually not too shabby, but quite a bit stabby).  Again, don’t take me seriously here, this ain’t typically my bag.   

Scream 4 - Gorier than 2 and 3 combined.  More in line with the 1st, but also by now the “diminishing returns” narrative has set in.  Nice to see Wes Craven go out on top though.  

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