Scream ★★

After watching about 8 hours of Scream films over 2 days, I was like… what’s another 2 more?  So I went out to the AMC for my first Scream in theaters, which dropped the “5” and is just called… Scream.  By it’s own insistent definition, this is considered a “requel”, which is the new term for the offspring off a sequel and a reboot, where they create something new but still include legacy characters and established canon backstory to build on.  From one way of looking at it, this is brilliant and shows how ahead of the current curve of nostalgia and meta-ness the original Scream films were.  From another, there’s nothing as bold or clever as the original installment; these are all just jazz riffs on the same melody.  Ain’t nothing wrong with that, it’s a catchy ear-worm and makes money.  Just don’t go in expecting them to reinvent the formula or anything.  This newest one had some fun ribbing elevated horror, toxic fandom, and even Rian Johnson (though he remained unnamed).  For me, these films are like a game of Clue at this point, and I’m trying to correctly identify the killer(s?) before the big third-act reveal.  Let’s just say I was half-right on this one.  ;)  

Seen at: AMC Century City Dolby Cinema
2022 films: #2
Films in 2022: #33

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