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  • Emma.



    first 2020 release i've seen! i dragged my dad to watch it and he actually loved it.
    the tone, direction, and subtle themes were so beautiful. i'm in love with the world, cinematography, set and costume design, everything, and i absolutely adored the comedic themes.
    i think that my favourite movies are the ones in which the performances aren't the heavy and emotional roles that usually gain oscar nominations, but the ones where the performances are natural and so subtle that you find that you've forgotten it's just a movie and it's not real. that was thoroughly the case in this movie.

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  • The Babysitter: Killer Queen

    The Babysitter: Killer Queen


    so no one in the movie had a crush on judah lewis...seems fake to me

  • Rebecca



    i will also never understand why companies give so much money to remakes instead of giving original stories a chance. remakes are so risky, i imagine you should be certain that you'll be able to do everything the original did, but better (especially because everyone will be comparing). did they really think they could do a hitchcock movie better? i need answers.

    also, it's just fucking boring. seriously, how do you make a daphne du maurier/hitchcock adaptation boring? maybe it's kind of amazing how they managed to do that.