Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★★

As much as I love the quirky characters and dramatic buildup of the show, this is the defining piece of Twin Peaks. Though the story of Laura Palmer gets a little lost in the sauce by the end of season 2, but Lynch's original intention of telling the story of a victim of abuse with a supernatural angle gets his entire attention here. With the addition of Lynch's surrealistic filmmaking finally getting to truly entirely inhabit the town of Twin Peaks, this is an experience truly unlike any other for fans. Sheryl Lee completely kills it with an out of this world performance that depicts such as complex and tragic character in a way that makes us understand her more in two hours than we did in thirty episodes of the show. Through all of the heart breaking things we watch happen to Laura though, the most touching element of the film is how Lynch decides to end it on an extended shot of Laura smiling, giving us hope that this victim of such unspeakable abuse can still find peace. 

This show was a gift that's going to stay with me for life, and I cannnot wait to start season 3.

Also, screw everyone at Cannes who booed this when it premiered in 1992. Seriously, screw you.