Logan ★★★★★

"I've hurt people too."
"You're going to have to learn how to live with that."
"They were bad people."
"All the same."

Having just seen Logan in an IMAX theater with tears welling up in my eyes by the time the end credits rolled, I am stunned. Stunned at how fitting of a farewell this was for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. Stunned at how brave it was to tell a story about immigrants fighting against a country that uses them, and then decides it's done with them once that they've outlived that usefulness. But most of all, stunned at just how great this proved super hero movies can be that break the mold of modern generic super hero movies. 

Mangold put up what might just be the greatest film of his career. He could've phoned it in and gave us a lackluster tale of a weathered hero and people would've loved it all the same for getting to say goodbye to Jackman in the role. Instead he took the extra step. Not only did he make a solid story outlining how killing and violence scars us no matter the reason for it, he also made a story of immigrant children fighting against a government that just doesn't care for their lives. A group of badass children, led by Jackman giving what is his best performance as Wolverine. It was no mistake that we learn of Laura's immigrant origins soon before the second action sequence features her forced to kill off a group of officers attempting to take her back to her inevitable doom. The jarringly brutal action (that is some of the best I've seen alongside John Wick of recent years) only furthers to accent the themes here. The battle that these kids face is one that is real and painful, but in the end though death may be a result for some, the future generation carries on.

Logan is one of the greatest super hero movies, period. We could not have hoped for a farewell to Hugh Jackman better than this, and I am still left in awe of that farewell. Brutal, pulse pounding, and heartbreaking, this is one comic book film you do not want to miss in theaters. Truly one of a kind amongst its genre, and one of the best of the year already.

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