Favorite films

  • No. 10
  • Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway
  • Ham on Rye
  • Demigod: The Legend Begins

Recent activity

  • Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart at the River Styx


  • The Virgin Spring


  • Three Outlaw Samurai


  • The Hitcher


Recent reviews

  • True Legend

    True Legend


    Boy, did that third act kill the film stone cold...

  • Slotherhouse



    I'm starting to think that maybe we should make "fetch" happen.

Popular reviews

  • Biosphere



    The best SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE of the year.

  • Carter



    Let me make this perfectly clear. CARTER is not a good film. The story is trite, the script is a mess, the CGI is slipshod and the plot is needlessly convoluted.

    However, the sheer audacity throughout its 132 minute runtime is exhilarating and laugh-out-loud funny that I had an absolute blast from beginning to end.

    The stunts are so goddamn ridiculous, I sat there with my head between my knees, in absolute awe as to how undisciplined and unhinged the…