The Kissing Booth 2

The Kissing Booth 2 ★★

Quickie Review 
Because I’m a completionist, I saw the sequel to Netflix’s “most popular” movie. Listen, I’m not too thrilled about this either but we’re all have things to do so if we all just hear my thoughts and we’ll get out of here. In this romcom sequel, Elle (Joey King) & Noah (Jacob Elordi) have been enjoying their long distance relationship with Noah being in college and Elle beginning her senior year alongside BFF/Noah’s little brother Lee (Joel Courtney) but between Elle’s insecurity about Noah’s faithfulness especially when he makes friends with cool coed Chloe (Maisie Richardson-Sellers), the insecurity that Lee’s girlfriend Rachel (Meganne Young) has about Elle & Lee hanging out all the time and Elle meeting the talented and handsome Marco (Taylor Perez), this senior year will see Elle at her most tested. In spite of all those plot developments, it’s pretty much more of the same but much worse. Elle is still letting her love of a handsome “redeemed” guy dictate her life and adding to it, her best friend’s girlfriend, who never had a reason to worry about the two, is getting insecure and even a little jealous of Elle & Lee’s friendship and I’m like, “get a grip, woman!”. It was just more of the same teen slapstick crossed with teenage drama nonsense. Once again, King is not at fault here and neither is newcomer Perez but everyone else is disposable as the plot itself, with Young getting more annoying by the final half. The Kissing Booth 2 is a bigger, sloppier, unwanted wet one than the first movie and is just as painful. I’d just as soon kiss a light socket than sit through this again but then again, they teased a 3rd one so I guess I’ll have to go through that one when it’s officially announced, won’t I?

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