The Guilty

The Guilty ★★★½

Quickie Review 
Southpaw duo Jake Gyllenhaal & Antoine Fuqua reteam for this Netflix thriller based on the Nordic film of the same with Gyllenhaal producing and starring in the lead role and Fuqua directing and producing. In the midst of a devastating wildfire in L.A., embittered and overwhelmed cop Joe Baylor (Gyllenhaal) is working the night shift in a 911 call center as he was demoted to the task after facing action for an incident that occurred while he was on duty and he awaits a hearing regarding his status on being back on the beat. In the meantime, he’s fielding 911 calls but one call will test him like anything he has faced on the streets as a cop as a desperate woman named Emily (voiced by Riley Keough) calls the number and Joe deduces that she’s been kidnapped and is in a vehicle with her captor. Now, from the confines of a call center, Joe is in a race against time to save Emily from a terrible fate but as the makeshift rescue operation continues, he’ll discover that things are not quite what they seem. I never saw the original film, which is streaming on Hulu, so I can’t say how much it compares to this American version but on its own, it’s a serviceable and taut thriller where it’s mainly Gyllenhaal on camera for most of the runtime and he uses it to run the acting gamut, displaying every facet of emotion throughout while complimented by the film’s starry voice cast, particularly Keough in a harrowing turn as the caller in question. The film has its lulls that drag the film, which makes it a test of patience during a few parts of the film (hence the rating) but nevertheless it keeps your attention for the most part. The Guilty drags in some parts but it’s good enough showcase for Jake Gyllenhaal’s exceptional performance and shows that the most suspenseful thing is what you can’t see.

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