Stowaway ★★★

Quickie Review 
From the revered producers of Mandy, The Invitation and The Raid and from the director of the very underrated Arctic comes Netflix’s latest original film, a sci-fi drama/thriller where astronauts are in a fight for survival. Anna Kendrick (who also serves as a producer), Daniel Dae Kim & Toni Collette are a 3-person team of astronauts on a mission of utmost importance and the mission becomes a fight for their survival which begins with the discovery of another astronaut (Shamier Anderson) hidden within the spacecraft’s interiors and then escalates into the depletion of the craft’s resources. Now, it’s not just a matter of completing the mission for the sake of science, it’s a matter of completing it alive. I went to check this out to get another Netflix movie crossed off my weekend agenda because I didn’t see the trailer but what I didn’t know was that Joe Penna directed it until I hit on it on Roku and I thought to myself, “Alright! He made another movie! I enjoyed Arctic a lot! This might be just as good!” Then, I watched it. It’s fine....but it’s far from the involving and enthralling dramatic adventure story that Penna’s previous movie was. For a majority of the film, I was waiting for something to happen and I almost lost interest until the climax, which is a tense moment for most of the final half-hour of the film. Besides the climax (and the film’s score), the film stays watchable thanks to its core 4 lead actors and their performances, which doesn’t show a single, forced moment in them. Their performances are natural and genuine and keep the first half afloat. Stowaway suffers from a disconnecting first half and doesn’t come close to the awestruck thrills of Arctic but its ensemble and taut final act make it lightly recommended.

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