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  • Finding You

    Finding You

    Effective rom-com that offers a twist on Notting Hill that comes across as charming but does managed to get weighed down by a bloated screenplay filled with too many subplots and slightly overlong run time. Reid and Goodacre have chemistry and deliver solid performances but none of the supporting characters feel fleshed out enough to go beyond normal rom-com tropes. The film does manage to avoid some rom-com cliches but then does tend to lean into others and while Redgrave is excellent, her story does not fit in and feels out of place from the overall story. 

    FYC - none

  • Here Today

    Here Today

    Very charming and cute story that does tend to drift into melodrama at times. Haddish is able to deliver a strong performance that balances the comedy and the drama very well. Crystal is solid but is never quite strong enough to believably deliver the frustration that is character is feeling and the screenplay is not able to effectively transition from comedy to drama in a fluid manner. 

    FYC - none

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