The Little Things

The Little Things ★★½

Not only does it take place in the early 90's, but it feels like it could have been released within the same decade. It's got Denzel being his usual self, and all the makings for a 'Seven'-esque storyline that most everyone knows about at this point in time. There are things sprinkled throughout the movie that I enjoyed. Washington phones in his usual thing that he does: charismatically damaged goods. Jared Leto gives an unnervingly creepy and downright funny performance; this is the kind of character he should be playing at all times. The banter between the three leads is fun more than half of the time. And the overall vibe of the film is good, as it dips its toes ever so slightly into the neo-noir subgenre. Detective stories usually make for a fun "pick-me-up" at the end of a long day. But this movie feels misguided in its directing and editing. The first hour is strangely pieced together with its quick snap shots and editing, and it was starting to drive me crazy after more than a handful of scenes. Rami Malek is terribly miscast in this role. I enjoy him as an actor, but I really have a hard time believing the casting director who said: "Yep, this role is definitely for him." There is a lot of build-up in this script that yields for very little payoff that feels refreshingly new or original. And some of the dialogue is cringe-inducing at times. If you have never seen 'Seven' or any other of that film's contemporaries, you might have a pretty good time with this. But, even if it doesn't feel fresh, the performances by Washington, and especially Leto, make for a fun watch.