• Goldfish



    Every time you doubt yourself, just remember, there are people out there who made the worst possible short films you could ever watch.

  • Femme



    Powerful, evocative, unique.
    Femme is a film I hadn't heard a single word about until tonight and it turned out to be quite the nice surprise.
    The film is buzzing and humming at its own frequency. There's a beating pulse and a driving rhythm. The narrative is unconventional and unique, giving us morally complex characters that are unpredictable and operating in gray areas so far removed from anything stereotypical or basic, that you almost can't help but watch and applaud…

  • Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter

    Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter


    The Zellner's write a solid script out of a fairly shallow concept and direct the heck out of fairly average scenes.
    There are moments where it seems like the film is about to fully take advantage of its incredible character and stylistic angle to give us more to chew on in regards to its perspectives and stance on mental illness and loneliness. Unfortunately, it went in another direction on nearly every occasion until the finale.
    Love how the closing moments…

  • She's All That

    She's All That


    Aged like blue cheese in the desert sun.
    Also, what ever happened to Freddie Prinze Jr?

  • Geoffrey Asmus: The Only Funny White Man

    Geoffrey Asmus: The Only Funny White Man


    I laughed more during this than when I watched some of the other stand up specials from comics who have been doing this for 20+ years

  • Un Flic

    Un Flic


    Melville is HIM.
    Simply incredible filmmaking from first to last frame.
    Even the sequence with the miniatures...
    if you're going to solve problems with creativity and playfulness and still manage to create something this thrilling even when the audience knows it's fake, you've accomplished something.
    Even a mostly stripped back narrative like this is handled with such technical mastery that it feels like an achievement.

    Mature, sleek, confident.
    Very few other directors were moving cameras like this back then.


  • Making True Detective

    Making True Detective

    Just came here because I had to vent and say that season 4 of True Detective, aka Night Country is one of the most laughably dogshit things HBO has ever made and Issa Lopez should never be allowed to write or create anything ever again.
    A waste of time.
    Makes season 2 look like Citizen Kane.
    Can't even emphasize how every single scene and every single line of dialogue was a clusterfuck.
    COVID creatives need to go back into quarantine.

    At least we'll always have season 1.

    I can totally understand why Pizzolato did what he did lol

  • Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, Franklin

    Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, Franklin


    Are Soap BoxCar Derby races even real?
    It seems like the most American thing lol

    Anyway, this was kinda cute.
    Watch it.

  • First Cow

    First Cow


    This may be Kelly Reichardt's best film, and with my rating, that isn't saying too much.
    Never thought a film about a cow and the fur trade could be so compelling and interesting. I just wish someone else had directed this.
    I think Reichardt falls into similar trappings in all her films in that she tries to be funny when she doesn't have a single comedic bone in her body. I think the film is at its best when it…

  • One Week

    One Week


    A work of pure genius.
    I am speechless with my jaw on the floor.
    Simply unable to comprehend the creativity on display, not for the times but even by today's standards.
    The perfect short film.
    Keaton had the sauce.

  • Tribute to Zgougou the Cat

    Tribute to Zgougou the Cat


    A work of art

  • Waiting...



    Bros poster game is unmatched