M3GAN ★½

Well...It's well directed and well shot for the most part. It's basically a Black Mirror episode without the deeper commentary, the dark edge and the big rewards.
The writing is the weakest link here. It's an interesting premise, albeit unoriginal and recycled, and it had some potential but it fails to fully explore it.
The dialogue is just so bad and generic overall. The story plays it so safe and it ends up being a very run of the mill movie. It's not trying to be scary or disturbing, but tries to be easy to digest and serviceable. It's easy to watch that's for sure and far from the worst thing I've seen but I can't particularly call it a good movie.
Some of the performances were genuinely very weak. Williams was okay but mostly miscast. Ronny Chieng was barely trying honestly.
M3gan is an interesting character, interesting design, interesting idea. A lot of reviews seem to be projecting different ideologies on her but regardless, I feel her potential was underutilized.
I burst out laughing when she started singing honestly lol. The sentiment may have been nice but it dove off the Campy side way too hard.
I guess the camp stuff is the point but I was never a big fan of the blend of camp, horror and comedy so it's just not for me.
When she started dancing? lol oh god.

I don't know guys...the initial reviews that popped up really have me concerned with the state of media literacy right now lol.
But that's neither here nor there.
Not the worst film I've seen but it's not that good.
Between a 1.5 and 2.

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