Alphaville ★★★★★

Endlessly enrapturing, imaginative, radical, modern, sensitive, brute and surpisingly emotional, Godard's French New Wave science fiction thriller drama Alphaville is just startling. It's probably Godard's most absorbing and exciting work thanks in many parts to his capturing and vision of his dystopian sci fi world which famously utilizes creative lighting and selecting of locations and costumes instead of building sets or using expensive special effects and the result I dare say might be more inspiring and creatively impactful to me anyway then the jump cuts of Breathless. It just shows you don't need liberate sets or a lot of money to make a truly captivating, world building film, all you need is some imagination and understanding of the film language which Godard of course has. There is just something about Alphaville that feels especially strange and unique, it's both a reflection of the world as it is not that at all as it is a reflection of both love and coldness. I think with Alphaville and its themes of consciousness and logic Godard tries to demonstrate through the story the importance of consciousness not just in living or society but also in film and for a reflective, often conscious filmmaker like Godard who always pushes audiences to always be conscious of his films instead of being fully absorbed into it the statement here is lovingly yet radically delivered. There is a level of complexity throughout Alphaville, both emotional and analytical that I find absolutely impossible to describe. You feel as you think throughout this and it is just captivating. The performances are also great with Anna Karina delivering yet another top notch performance, some might be disappointed with how little she is actually in this film but her character and her performance you can't deny is really intriguing and adds a lot of depth and dimension to this adventure. Eddie Constantine also makes for a good leading man who's inner motivation and opinions although expressed cannot be fully felt or fully found creating a morally and emotionally complexed protagonist that you both find mysterious yet not hard to fully follow as he goes through the maze that is Alphaville. This is just a blast from Godard, I really cannot say more then that right now. There is a lot in there I still need to contemplate and fully grasp but I already know this is one of my favorite Godard pictures with its imaginative use of world building and convincing us for 90 minutes that we are actually in another world and not just in Paris and for its surprising excitement in analysis of the modern world. Great picture.

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