How can I convey the moment?

Summer, 2015. Along with some other heavy hitters, The 400 Blows, The Third Man, Ugetsu, I remember exactly where I was, which position on my couch, the warmth of the house, the faint chirping and suburban traffic outside. Not that I had hyped this one up more than any others; I was simply taking in a lot from many avenues at once. The day before may have been my first Carne, the day following my first Sam Fuller. Who could say, anyway. All I remember from those few films, including (and primarily) this one, is how it shaped the rest of that summer for me, and followed me for years. A craving, a yearning to find other films as rich, as deep, as ongoing...

I must've seen it six or seven times in full now, and every time I finish it, I have the internal monologue of, well, I know PSYCHO and THE SHINING were my childhood and changed the trajectory of my life, but...this movie.... It's powerful, it's riveting, and not unlike Guido's canvas of dreams that invades the film, my experience with this movie is not entirely able to be conveyed. It's a nostalgic-turned-spiritual experience every time now, and that alone makes it one of my very favorite things on Earth.

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