The Little Things

The Little Things ★★½

Solid little thriller until a final act I didn't find realistic. The film is at its strongest detailing the procedural elements Washington in particular uses to advance in solving the crimes, and Hancock smoothly guides our eye and attention, often without much dialog. Washington himself is also really compelling and believably broken in ways both large and small, which is really the only element attempting to elevate this out a generic thriller that worked for me. I've never found Malek convincing, and parts of Leto's strangeness work even if his character seems to only make sense specifically for this story to play out the way it does.

Along with Woman in the Window from this year, this makes two dumb, 90s throwback style movies I didn't know I missed as much as I did. Unfortunately, this feels like a 90s movie right down to how inconsequentially it treats every female character.

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