John Wick: Chapter 4

John Wick: Chapter 4 ★★★★½

The thing that so many John Wick clones don’t understand that the John Wick films do is that you need to keep on innovating the action. There are so many modern knife/gunplay action scenes which are impressive on a technical level, with the camera work and choreography, but when I’m watching them I feel a bit bored because Chad Stahelski already achieved something this good years ago and is currently doing something 50 times crazier, and oh boy is the action of John Wick 4 crazily impressive. I believe there are two things action in films should either do:

• Show me something I’ve never seen before
• Show me something I’ve seen before but never done to such a high of a level of quality before

and John Wick 4 achieves both with flying colours. Each action sequence is a maddening display of masochism distinct from the last, whether it be the Arc de Triomphe scene which has a unique chaotic rush compared to other action scenes due to it being a literal moving battlefield or the nunchucks sequence which has a Tom and Jerryesque feeling with how hilariously masochistic and never ending the violence is. The John Wick films also keep on giving us more fun and distinct characters each film, backing away from generic boring mobsters which John Wick clones also forget to do, my favourite here being Scott Adkins who isn’t just chewing the scenery but is swallowing the entire thing and is an absolute blast and also provides some great action as him, and every other character, provides a unique physicality to their action, further making the action of this film more distinctly impressive. I couldn’t really fit it in the other sentence but I also want to praise Donnie Yen and the physicality of his action scenes because his is also amazing. This is a boring sentence that’s definitely been said before and will be said again but I just have to say it man, John Wick Chapter 4 is one of the most impressive feats of action in the history of cinema.

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