The Fall

The Fall ★★★★★

The Fall celebrated classic films and classic storytelling five years before it became cool (well maybe not) with the release of The Artist and Hugo. The use of storytelling as a way to tell a larger story is done one hundred percent successfully in this movie. Lee Pace and the little girl are great together, and the final moments of the the story, and the film are superb.

Visually Tarsem has not been better. All the locations are mind blowing, and the sense of adventure is pretty much unrivaled in any recently released film. The elephant scene is one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. The visual of an elephant swimming in the ocean would not be as powerful had it been down with visual trickery.

I must admit that watching Mirror Mirror and the The Fall has me thinking that I need to reevaluate Tarem's Immortals. Maybe when the Bluray gets cheap.

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